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Construction equipment rentals for your reno

February 26, 2021

If you have embarked on the journey of renovation, chances are you are looking for reliable and quality construction equipment rentals to help you on your way. Building the project is not as difficult as it is dealing with the waste that comes from demolition, construction, among other factors.

In fact, allowing your waste to lie there as the project continues forward is a hazard in itself. The clutter could easily result in someone stumbling or falling over it. Ideally, you want to move the waste that is generated from your renovation into a corner until you can easily dispose of it. While some waste may be simple to pick up and carry to another location, when there is an accumulation of waste, or heavy waste, it is best to rely on equipment designed to get that particular job done.

While there is a wide selection of tools at your disposal, finding equipment rentals that help take care of your waste is a whole other matter. That’s why at Bins Toronto, we offer different models of top of the line construction equipment rentals on demand.

Mini Track Loaders

The first rental equipment on our list is the Mini Track Loaders. We carry the Bobcat MT85 and the MT100 models in stock. Built with simple operation controls, this 850 to 1,000 pound operating capacity is the ideal choice if you need to get serious work done in tight spaces.

Its compact size, improved serviceability and ride quality, minimal ground disturbance, attachment versatility and safety features makes this machine the top pick amongst individuals in the landscaping, construction and maintenance industries. Not only does the mini track loader replace manual labour on a variety of job sites, its Tier 4 diesel engine and efficient hydraulic system delivers quick cycle times, strong breakout forces and excellent pushing ability. Which basically means this piece of equipment delivers a strong performance.

Track Loaders

Looking to dig, grade, load or clear up some land? Take a look at our track loaders: Bobcat T450 and T650. These models offer maneuverability all while providing you with the power you need to haul, lift, dig and operate attachments. It comes with a whopping 1400-2570 pound operating capacity. Moreover, you can quickly move from one renovation site to another – all you need to do is sit down and operate. With a standard control system, powerful hydraulics, durable undercarriage, 2-speed travel, selectable joystick control, superior lift arms, smart cooling and so much more – you can rest assured that this construction equipment will get the job done.

Steer Loaders

If weather-friendly equipment is what you’re searching for, then take a look at the Kubota SSV75 Steer Loader. This long-reaching machine has excellent power and offers exceptional operator comfort. With greater efficiency, fuel economy and less engine noise – this selection is no-brainer. In fact, all responses are fast and smooth, and tested for Canadian winters – so your renovation project can continue on despite the snow.

Power Wheelbarrow

Need to move or discard your waste in a way that requires basically no manual labour? We’ve got equipment for that too. Loaded with a 1540 to 2650 pound capacity, the Kubota KC70 and KC120 are ideal power wheelbarrow selections. This machine offers 3-direction dumping and is a great alternative to picking up waste from construction projects. Especially if said waste is heavy materials such as slabs of concrete, pillars, and such.

Compact Excavator

A compact (or mini) excavator, like the Bobcat E20, is used to complete small or medium sized landscaping, digging, trenching and drilling projects! This particular type of equipment is great to maneuver around tight spaces and with its several attachment options, this excavator is a useful machine to have around. Our in particular has a 14 ft. maximum reach and a 4,684 point bucket digging force. An excellent rental addition to any type of construction project.

At Bins Toronto, we follow a full transparency motto. All of our equipment rentals are priced on our website and we even offer both pick-up and delivery options at a fair cost. As many homeowners know, renovations can leave them with all manner of trash and waste. Some of it will be easy to deal with, and some of it won’t be so easy to deal with. Our rental equipment, from our Bobcat rental track and steel loaders to our power wheelbarrows and excavators, can help with any difficult task. If you have any questions about the equipment that we rent to our clients, then please feel free to call us for construction equipment rental at (647) 479-2152.