Tri-Axle Service

If you have a large load of garbage that you need hauled, then you can get in touch with us about our Tri-Axle service. Our tri-axles are fairly compact, which makes it easy for us to work in any property, whether it is an urban or suburban property. When you need help hauling large amounts of soil, concrete or asphalt, then get in touch with us.

Tri-Axle Dumping Trucks

We’re used to big jobs, which is why we have a fleet of tri-axle dumping trucks ready to help you deal with large amounts of waste. Our tri-axle dumping trucks can haul up to 20 metric tons of material.


Our dump truck operators are standing by and are ready to help you when you need us. Here’s why we are the people to call when you are in need of a tri-axle dumping truck service:



$550 $550 $550
Asphalt/Concrete Soil Mix Load

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