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December 14, 2022

We are all familiar with the dreaded spring cleaning. Just when the weather starts getting warmer, we are stuck inside deep cleaning the entire house from the inside, out. Well, we say scrap the spring cleaning! Bins Toronto wants to help you make the most of your spring. 

Escaping the cold winter weather indoors with nothing to do? Rent a bin and get to work so that while everyone else is busy spring cleaning, you’ll be busy outside soaking up the sun.

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Why You Should Consider Renting a Bin for Winter Cleaning

There are actually quite a few benefits associated with renting a bin in the winter. The first reason is that bin availability is much higher. We know what you’re thinking – everyone else must be onto something, maybe I should hold off on cleaning too. Quite the opposite. Most people wait until spring because it is much harder to be productive in the winter when it is cold and gloomy outside. This is your time to get ahead of the game and rent a bin while options for size and availability are less scarce. Forget about driving around in the cold – that’s our job. We will take care of dropping off and picking up the bin, while you stay warm indoors. 

If you are worried about having to chase your bin down the icy driveway, we’ve got you covered there too. Our bins are placed on boards, elevating the bin off the ground, to protect your driveway and to ensure the bin doesn’t go anywhere. 


How to Approach the Cleaning Process

Step 1: Make a List

To make the most of your winter bin rental, we recommend starting out by creating a list of tasks you want to accomplish. Perhaps you need to do a simple routine declutter, or maybe it’s been years and you need to do a deep, thorough clean – either way, we won’t judge. While you’re at it, consider if you have any upcoming renovations or home improvements you want to tackle – kitchen renos, basement renos, bathroom renos, roof renos, landscaping. 

Step 2: Plan Accordingly

Consider how the weather could affect your list. Generally speaking, the ground being wet or frozen could put a damper on your to-do list. Plan your rental bin delivery for a timeline that accommodates your projects. You may also have to do some research and make some phone calls if you need to hire contractors for any major projects.

Step 3: Start Cleaning

Start decluttering your home by removing any unnecessary items, including garbage, old clothing, unused furniture, and outdated decor. Make sure that you have enough storage space and that every loose item has a home. If you have any major interior or exterior projects, tackle these next by getting your hands dirty or hiring the right experts for the job. 


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Benefits of Renting a Bin for Winter Declutter

Why should you clean your home in the winter? The truth is, there is never going to be a “good time” to clean. May as well make the most of your spare time in the winter – come time for spring, you will be glad you did. And if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe these winter cleaning benefits will do the trick:

Boost your Mood

A clutter-free home is a clutter-free mind. Promote a clean and healthy atmosphere to boost your mood, through even the gloomiest of winter days. 

Create a Healthy Living Space

Needless to say, a lot of germs and bacteria can build up over time. A thorough cleaning will help create cleaner air circulation, in addition to a visibly cleaner living space. 

Prepare for the Rest of the Winter Season

When you’re working with a clean slate, it is easier to evaluate your home’s needs. For example, perhaps you put all of your spring shoes in storage which made room for your winter boots.


If you are ready to get your winter cleaning underway, Bins Toronto is here to help. We offer a range of bins in different sizes that can accommodate any of your winter cleaning needs, no matter how big or small. If you would like to learn more about our reliable bin rental services, or you are ready to make the call to rent a bin, contact our team and we will be happy to get you set up.